Our responsibilities include all the analyses required for the assessment of the (investment) project with regards to which subsequent ideas and concepts are tested. The financial engineering together with the schedule of works and expenditures / budgeted Cost of work scheduled. The concept design and visualisation of the space under the scope of the conceptual work and project design work. We prepare presentations, animations and visualisations. In our work we make use of mock-up models which allow the designers as well as the investors to determine the scale of the buildings or other urban projects.


Creating changes in space is always conducted in accordance with the best and most up to date values, never forgetting about the harmonious border between humanity and nature. While working with investors, we look to form a relationship based on emotional involvement, trust and partnership. Our participation with the investor regarding the projects space  constitutes our key goal which we wish to achieve while reaching a state of harmony and balance between them. The complete transparency and openness of the Team of architects, artists and engineers achieves new interpretations of architecture, its function and ways of use which is pertinent to an interesting and vivid creative process.


The coordination of the project in particular industry specific sectors and matters requires the ability of the Team to foresee various possible issues at both administrative as well as engineering levels. Knowledge and experience allow us tocreate projects up to the standards necessary to obtain all administrative permits.


The broad experience of the Team in the arrangement of demanding spaces, founded on an extensive portfolio of completed projects enables us to successfully meet the challenges of most creative spaces. Our expertise as well as familiarity with the latest trends and acquaintanceship with suppliers gives our investors the possibility of making use of the whole range of products and services available on the market. Designing an interior we seek well balanced forms, proporsions, diversity of forms and patterns. Functionality and ergonomy are our main priorities. We're proud to say that the interiors we create are tasteful, esthetically pleasing and refined.


We prepare the required as-built documentation detailing issues of the given project in every line of work.  We pay attention to details and the quality of the working plans and specifications using intelligent 3D technologies. We lead our investors through the market of contractors as well as suppliers of materials, equipment and amenities. We offer advice at every step in the drawing up of agreements, contracts and making orders. We cooperate with our own trusted contractors whom also have a broad experience and are already established in the construction market.


We are actively present at the final stage of preparing the project for the hand-over to operation. We monitor the facility in terms of health and safety requirements throughout the running of the building by conducting periodic checks. We keep all records of the project and create renovation and construction schedules.


Our projects and construction investments are under constant architectural and investor's supervision. We ensure the highest standards in all aspects of the project’s realisation – quality, time, and finance are a top priority throughout the whole process of the implementation of the investment. Interpersonal relations and communication are paramount  to a mutually satisfying and successful supervision of the project.


We support our investors at every stage of the property investment process. We offer inspiration, consult, advise and bring in the necessary experts in order to fully support the Investor and the project. As a Team we ensure effective project management in the form of a Project Manager putting emphasis on good open communication and professional technical assistance. Versatile and dynamic operational procedures ensure the achievement of the goal at a minimum risk.