Dawid Jankowiak
architect . construction

Zielona Gora University
architecture and urban planning

Zielona Gora University of Technology
renovation of buildings and modernisation of built-on areas

Monika Jankowiak
interior designer

Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk
interior Design

Zielona Góra University
interior design

Comprehensive School of Art
in Zielona Góra
visual art, visual advertising



Mindful Architects was founded with the idea of creating a proprietary design studio aimed at a positive transformation of space by implementing consistent proceduress which bring together architecture, art and engineering. The main role of the Team is to understand the context of the project and organize the space sensitively and mindfully. Skillful artistic creation combined with an engineering thought result in a complete and consistent architectural design. In our work we also consider all the social, spatial and environmental aspects and impact. The long standing experience of the Team in many various fields and on different levels of a project’s development guarantees a comprehensive and precise execution up to completion. We design space in any given place and function through a creative approach open to new and innovative perspectives and thinking. The designing process is based on comprehensive modern solutions, friendly both to people and the environment. We take on project work at different stages of investment, professionally managing it with the use of the most up to date tools.


Mindfull Architects take on the task of implementing the innovative Turquoise management model – the so called Teal Organizations. One of the fundamental features of such organisation is self-management based primarily on values such as mutual trust, interpersonal relationships and the feeling of responsibility. An organisation is seen as a living organism, in which all members cooperate in order to achieve the common goal.The use of each Team member's own personal qualities, competences and experience, as well as emotions and self fulfillment are the key to being your true self in your work environment. To work differently, meaning... transparency, sharing all important and strategic information.





Mindful Architects are oriented on bold and innovative design encompassing a sustainable approach implementing state of the art technical solutions. Openmindedness and looking to the future inspires us to invest in the team and the technologies enhancing the creative processes and the methods of presenting the goal to be achieved. Building the Team and expanding our field of competence can allow us to  influence and shape architecture using a broader spectrum of practices. Continuous development of new tools, taking part in 'architectural conceptual' workshops as well as  exposure to the architecture of great cities shall be the foundation of our work. We take on a new direction in building facilitated by our workshop of contemporaty architects and engineers, based on blending contemporaty values and the ideas of past masters. Forming open relationships with customers and giving unlimited access to the current status of the work allow a transparency of work being done on the given project which constitutes the organisational and technological challenge we strive to take on ourselves as a Team.


Our vision of each project is to create architecture and spaces of the highest quality and standard. Our operational procedures include a wide range of the designing processes of architecture for various functions and intended uses. As a Team we strive to create a strong brand and a workspace which is optimal for the development of architects and engineers. We wish to bring together the traditional school of concept work and the creative process with the newest 3D technology and the promotion and implementation of the BIM environment. Our objective is also proper information management at every step of the investment enabling all parties involved in the project to monitor the process without the necessity of knowing all the ins and outs of the programming behind it. It is our Team's objective and aspiration to obtain integrity of the building's estetics and its interior, as well as its surroundings.